About Tickhill Cricket Club.


Cricket has been played in Tickhill since 1843 but an officially constituted club did not start until 1860. Cricket was then played in a field on Water Lane but we moved to the current ground on what is now Alderson Drive in 1871 then renting a field from a local farmer. Tickhill now boasts one of the most picturesque settings for cricket in Yorkshire. Club cricket has changed a lot since 1860 so the club has had to adapt continuously and has done so through the unstinting efforts of its committees, volunteers, staff, sponsors and the local community. It now has a strong team in the top Yorkshire Premier South League and second-team in the South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League. An Academy side, made up largely of younger players, play in the Barnsley League on Sundays.

Tickhill has also become a social hub for the community. On a Friday night between 80 to 100 children from seven-year-olds upwards enjoy the splendour of the cricket surroundings and play in junior leagues. We also have a fledgeling women’s team and Last Man batting competition on Monday night. This means there are lots of opportunities for families, parents, grandparents and friends to enjoy the surroundings whilst having a glass of wine or a fine beer at the newly developed sports bar. The bar, known as Pete’s Bar, and pavilion were built in 2015 and offer first- class facilities to suit the clubs ambitions with host Paul Bentham always welcoming. It screens live sport throughout the year. In addition the function room, the Geoff York Suite, has been refurbished and with its Pentagon Bar offers a perfect hiring venue for meetings, birthdays, christenings, retirements and wakes. I am proud to be it’s President to support club development and we welcome everyone down to the club whether as a player or a social member. Please browse the website and learn more about what we do down here.

- Prof. Paul Senior, Club President.

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